2005 > New Babylon de Constant

New Babylon de Constant / 2005 / 13 min / digi Betacam

WATCH THE FILM [vimeo]http://www.vimeo.com/14336720[/vimeo]

This film, by Victor Nieuwenhuijs (son of Constant) and Maartje Seyferth, gives an impression of the experiences of the New Babylonians, the people living in Constants utopian vision on future society.
“They wander through the sectors of New Babylon seeking new experiences, as yet unknown ambiances. Without the passivity of tourists, but fully aware of the power they have to act upon the world, to transform it, recreate it. They dispose of a whole arsenal of technical implements for doing this, thanks to which they can make the desired changes without delay. Just like the painter, who with a mere handful of colors creates an infinite variety of forms, contrasts and styles, the New Babylonians can endlessly vary their environment, renew and vary it by using their technical implements.” (Constant Nieuwenhuys, 1974)

Victor Nieuwenhuys & Maartje Seyferth


  • International Documentary Filmfestival of Amsterdam 2005.
  • Festival di Palazzo Venezia, Rome 2006 – in competition
  • Dutch Film Festival – Utrecht, the Netherlands, 2006
  • selected New York galleries June through November 2006
  • Festival International des Films sur l’Art, Montréal, 2007
  • International Documentary Film Festival, Sao Paulo, 2007, in competition
  • 29th Bienal de Sao Paulo, september 2010

It can be seen in the IDEAL CITY/INVISIBLE CITIES project exhibitions in Zamosc (Poland) and Potsdam (Germany).

In the Netherlands this film can be watched in the Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven during the exhibition “What happened to Art”.