1988 > Rode Lens (Red Lens)


Rode Lens (Red Lens), 1988, 16 mm, color

Marnie Blok, Raymond Thierry

Directed by Robert Jan Westdijk
Camera: Victor Nieuwenhuijs
Editing: Robert Jan Westdijk
Music: Volfango Pecoraio

A photographer is obsessed by the intense expression of mortal horror found on one of the most famous newsphotos of the Vietnam War. In his studio, together with his girlfriend, he tries to capture this expression on the face of a fashionmodel.
As he makes love to his girlfriend, he appears to reach orgasm more from the life size blow up of this horrific photo then his highly responsive girlfriend.
Until he is suddenly struck by the expression of exctasy on her face and the resemblance with the expression of terror on the face of the man on the photograph. He grabs his camera to capture the moment, but this turns into a fatal fight. He succeeds in taking the picture he was looking for.
This picture makes him a famous photographer but at what cost….