1995 > VENUS IN FURS / feature / 70 min / 35mm / b&w.


International Sales: REEL SUSPECTS.

Anne van der Ven (Wanda), André Arend van Noord (Severin)

The story of Severin and Wanda, young lovers who entangle in a passionate and strangely violent love affair, in which masochism plays the lead role. Severin contracts himself as servant, house-keeper and lover, while Wanda learns to enjoy her role as torturer. Perversely, she humiliates him to the limit by taking another lover, breaking the unwritten rules.
A multi-layered beautifully shot film in which the boundaries between fantasy and reality are constantly transgressed
Based on the novel of the same name by Leopold von Sacher Masoch.

directors: Maartje Seyferth & Victor Nieuwenhuijs
cinematography: Victor Nieuwenhuijs
lighting: Peter Gray
sound: Peter Burghout/Volfango Pecoraio
editing: Herbert van Drongelen/Maartje Seyferth

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On DVD Venus in Furs is distributed by  Art-S Home Entertainment



Festivals 1994:

* Int. Film Festival Rotterdam
* Int. Film Festival of St.Petersburg, Russia – Awarded for Creative Quest and True Professional Properties.
* Festival internacional de Cine de Gijon, Spain.
* Nederlands Film Festival in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
* Festival Internacional de Cine de Sante Fe de Bogota, Colombia.
* Festival Internacional de Cinema Figueira de Foz, Portugal.
* Raindance Film Showcase London, England.
* Internacional Film festival of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
* Film Festival of Groningen, The Netherlands.
* La Mostra Internacional de Cinema Alternatiu, Barcelona, Spain.
* Europa Film Festival Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Festivals 1995:

* Film Festival Karlovi Vary, Czech Republic.
* Public screenings 1996
* NAT Filmfestivalen, Copenhagen, Denmark.
* Silver Award by The Australian Cinematographers Society, Sidney, Australia.

released in:
theatrical: the Netherlands, Germany, France
video: the Netherlands, Germany, France, England, Japan
DVD: internationally

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