2007 > C’é vita sotto terra.

C’é vita sotto terra – 4 min. video, black&white

In “C’e’ vita sotto terra” (There is life underground) Victor Nieuwenhuijs & Maartje Seyferth explored the surface to reflect the underground. The film starts observing the paved Roman road from a unlikely angle. The shadows of the cars passing reverberate in the sound of underground as a peeping rat that one could have imagined looking from the past of his myths the harsh reality of nowadays indifference. All passions are shades of gray, reality blinds and deaf us with cliches?
An elevator climbing from the underground brings back to life a dangerous Marinetti. Is War still the only Hygiene or a dangerous game for “shopkeepers”? Victor and Maartje seem to believe in both possibility. No contradiction: is elasticity!
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