2009 > CREPUSCULE / digital Betacam, b&w. 70 min.



There’s an old maxim that goes: “Whom the gods would destroy, they first turn mad”. Crepuscule is a stunningly brilliant story about a nameless young girl’s slow and lingering journey from the daylight of sanity to the darkness of madness. And what a long, strange trip it is.
The brainchild of Maartje Seyferth and Victor Nieuwenhuijs (Seyferth wrote the script, Nieuwenhuijs shot it and both co-directed) Crepuscule leads us through the psychological twilight of an alienated and psychotic young woman as she slips thru the cracks of an uncaring society and reveals the deep and complex terror of being trapped in a mind which has severed any and all relationships with the public world of humanity.
And what a curious twilight Crepuscule shows us. From the first frames the intense stylization and enigmatic action soon sucks you into its vortex of symbols and meanings, its creeping darkness of inevitability. This is a story that gives you lots of time to imagine the worst, and imagine the worst you will.

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International Sales: REEL SUSPECTS.


2009 – Intern. Film Festival Rotterdam – worldpremiere

2009 – Nederlands Film Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands

2009 – Intern. Film Summerfest, Durres, Albania

2010 – Holland Film Week, Kiev, Ukrain

2010 – Golden Eye International Film festival for Camera-men, Tblisi, Georgia

2011 – European Film Forum SCANORAMA, Vilnius, Lithuania


  • Nellie Benner
  • Titus Muizelaar
  • Rietje Janssens
  • Arie van Dok
  • Maarten Wijsmuller
  • Philippe de Voogdt


  • directed by  Maartje Seyferth & Victor Nieuwenhuijs
  • script: Maartje Seyferth
  • director of photography: Victor Nieuwenhuijs
  • location sound: Federico Bonelli & Sander Schreuders
  • editor:  Vima Kara
  • sound design: Sander Schreuders
  • sound mix:  Marco Vermaas & Sander Schreuders
  • editing facilities:  Tarek/Imagegrabbing
  • on-line color grading: Guy Molin
  • music: Pierre Bastien, Hansko Visser and Plan Kruutntoone.
  • producers:  Moskito Film Foundation, Plexus Film Production, Paradise Movies, de Productie

distributed in the Netherlands by Mokum Filmdistributie.